LetYouKnow Launches iOS and Android Apps for US New Car Deals

SEATTLE, WA/ACCESSWIRE/October 21, 2022/ let you know, the only online marketplace that allows consumers to determine their own price for new cars, recently released apps for iOS and Android to help consumers get new car deals on the go and on their terms. LetYouKnow uses its patented algorithm to match new car buyers with franchised new car dealerships across the United States.

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The new feature of LetYouKnow’s apps allows consumers to more broadly search for new cars nationwide. “We know that many consumers have a price in mind for their new car but are open to its make and model, so we’ve created a feature that allows for a more general search,” says Boris A., co-founder and CEO of LetYouKnow. Zhukov. “Consumers are now able to search within specific price ranges and search radius, and results will include all new cars available within those parameters. This feature brings more flexibility to the process of finding a new car. , and consumers can choose the price range that best fits their budget. All of this helps take the stress out of negotiating a price for a new car.”

LetYouKnow’s highly innovative online marketplace allows consumers to dictate the price they want to pay for the purchase of a new car. They can either search for new car deals using the Search Deals option or name their own price with the Submit Your Price option. With the Submit Your Price option, consumers choose their car specs, enter their zip code, and choose the search radius. The consumer will not know the dealership name and location at this point; however, the matching dealership will be within their specified search radius. Once the consumer has submitted their price offer, they will receive an instant response indicating whether their price offer has been accepted or not. If accepted, a non-refundable service reservation fee is paid as a prepayment of the buyer’s price and the corresponding dealer is revealed. The buyer then completes his transaction with the corresponding dealer. LetYouKnow only facilitates new car transactions and not used cars since LetYouKnow cannot guarantee or know the condition of used cars when new cars are all in the same condition.

LetYouKnow also offers transparent pricing for new car buyers. The prices quoted and/or the amount of the bid include all concession costs (such as documentation costs, etc.). When the buyer finalizes their transaction with the dealership, there are no surprise fees. Although LetYouKnow cannot provide the exact cost of taxes and licensing/registration fees, as this varies by state and local laws, LetYouKnow has recently begun providing an estimate of taxes and licensing/registration fees. registration to give consumers an idea of ​​the total price. will be, further eliminating any surprises.

LetYouKnow says one of its main goals is to make the process of buying a new car more convenient and streamlined for buyers. It is therefore currently developing a feature that will allow consumers to pre-order vehicles on its platform. Consumers will be able to set their car’s specs, choose their search radius, and then, as usual, name their own price with the Submit Your Price option.

“Especially with the current market conditions, the automotive industry is seeing more and more buyers pre-ordering their new cars, so we wanted to innovate in technology that would give them the ability to do so through our platform,” says the LetYouKnow team. “We are also working on setting up shipping options for those who may live farther away from dealerships or who have busy schedules and do not want to travel to the dealership to complete their transaction. Depending on the distance and d ‘other factors, there may be delivery charges, but all delivery charges would be disclosed before buyer submits bid.’

As LetYouKnow finalizes its pre-order and shipping options, which will be available by the end of 2022, it is stepping up its plans to update its infrastructure to include a myriad of new goods and services. By the end of 2023, the business will expand and begin offering fixed-operate products and services offered by franchised dealers, such as brake services, oil changes, batteries, alignments, timing belts, parts, etc. LetYouKnow is also looking forward to adding other vehicle engines, such as boats and motorcycles. The company will then add services such as hotel stays, restaurants, salon services and car wash services, etc. to bring its vision of pricing to new markets. LetYouKnow’s infrastructure can adapt to any industry offering new goods and services.

“We’re very excited about these new additions because we want to give consumers the ability to purchase goods and services on their own terms,” ​​says the LetYouKnow team. “LetYouKnow really puts the consumer in the driver’s seat, which makes consumers feel better about spending their money and generally saves them time and money.”

For the remainder of 2022, the company’s primary focus is to complete and roll out its pre-order and shipping features. “At LetYouKnow, we work hard to optimize and innovate every detail of the new car buying process and give the buyer the power to control the price of their transaction,” says Zhukov. “Our goal, whether we’re helping customers find their own deals on a new vehicle or expanding our services, will always remain the same: to empower consumers to find great deals by enabling them to control prices and make their quick and easy purchases.”

LetYouKnow helps consumers buy new cars on their own terms. LetYouKnow was co-founded by CEO Boris Zhukov, who was frustrated after spending a lot of time and energy helping friends and family find the best new car deals and he knew there had to be a best way. Zhukov and co-founder and CTO Gang “Aaron” Shao created the LetYouKnow marketplace, first launching the website in 2020, renaming the site in 2021, and adding iOS and Android apps in 2022. Allowing new shoppers car dealerships to submit their prices for instant results, LetYouKnow’s AI-powered technology empowers consumers to get their own price, get transparent pricing, save time and get the best deals, the while eliminating price haggling.

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