Make your Android phone look like a smartphone!

If you are very satisfied with your Android smartphone, but for a long time, are you not sure if it is possible. In a short time, we can make Android phone look like iPhone. Although this sounds interesting, remember that this is not a change of view. In other words, that’s not why they would have access to other services like iMessages or anything like this. Anyway, was about to end with a very interesting interface.

Make your Android phone look like an iPhone!

The system is efficient, but it is not easy to use rockets.

We know that Android is more customizable than iOS, and Android is a good example. The phone looks completely changed, so sometimes it seems like we are used to using a new phone. In some cases, they even change the way certain apps appear.

But all these changes are made up of Android. Take for example launchers as a coat of paint for your smartphone. It will still have the same apps and settings as you.

You can easily switch between launchers, but the option won’t appear until you install a third-party launcher. In Settings, select Apps, Presets, then the Home app and make your choice. If you don’t want to use the launcher app on your own, you can simply uninstall it: tap the icon in the app drawer and drag it over the Uninstall button at the top of the screen.

These are the apps that you can use to transform your smartphone.

iOS 16 Rocket.

The name suggests that the iOS 16 launcher comes with the new iOS 16 look. It doesn’t have all the features yet. We still haven’t, for example, changed the lock. They are also iOS-like apps for icons, widgets, and folders.

When you install the launcher, you will have several customizable options from size to size of mobile apps. It might even make all Google Symphony icons look like Apple icons. The Google Meet icon is supposed to be the Facetime icon.

It is available online.

Phone 128-3545

The Phone 7 launcher is another option. They are very complete and we have access to a network of applications, wallpapers, lock screen and search options similar to those that Apple has on its own phones.

First, we decide on wallpapers. Second, we try to choose the app as we want from the main screen. It is also a very attractive control center.

A new 15nm iOS phone is coming.

We have no idea what iOS 16 does to this app. It’s always interesting.

This application is particularly useful when it comes to allowing the placement of widgets like this on the home screen like the ones we have on the iPhone. The Control Center and App Library icon also changes and comes with its own versions. It would be nice if you tried.