Microsoft brings Android 13 to Windows 11 via WSA

Windows 11 Android 13

Microsoft has rolled out several updates for the Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11. The WSA is now significantly faster on Windows 11 and it’s getting another big update in the near future, according to the updated roadmap. quietly published by Microsoft on Github.

In a surprising move, Microsoft has quietly released the first roadmap for WSA. According to the GitHub page, Microsoft is working on WSA based on Android 13 for Windows 11. Android 13 is one of the biggest updates for the mobile operating system and it was officially announced on August 15, 2022.

Android 13 comes with new theme options, icons, and more. We don’t know what’s new in Android 13’s WSA integration for Windows 11, but it looks like it will come with the file transfer feature. This feature will allow users to transfer files between the WSA container and Windows.

Another new feature would be “shortcuts” and “picture-in-picture mode”. Picture-in-picture mode will let you run Android apps in a small container on top of native Windows apps. This would be similar to Windows Media Player’s picture-in-picture mode or Groove Music’s mini music player.

Microsoft also plans to enable local network access by default. It’s unclear when these features will come to Windows 11, but we’re expecting a big update in early 2023.

At the moment, WSA supports features such as audio codecs, camera (front + rear), ClearKey DRM or MPEG-DASH content, CTS/VTS, direct Bluetooth (and BLE) access, Ethernet, Freeform window management, gamepad and more:

  • Location + GPS
  • Microphone
  • Multi-monitor/secondary display
  • To print
  • Software DRM (Widevine L3 support)
  • Touch/Multitouch
  • Some video decoders and encoders
  • WebView
  • Wireless
  • Window orientation

The latest version of the Windows Subsystem for Android was released last month with a number of new features, such as advanced networking, better gaming performance, additional improvements to GamePad controls, better support for mouse and keyboard support, as well as better integration with the operating system. Features.

You can always update to the latest version of Windows Subsystem for Android by visiting the Microsoft Store > Library > Check for updates.

At the time of the WSA preview launch, only users in the United States could officially try out the integration. Since then, WSA has expanded to other countries like Japan. Earlier this month, WSA’s Amazon Appstore expanded to several new countries, including more than 20 new regions in Europe.

While WSA is now widely available in Europe, a global rollout covering Asian countries is not expected until early 2023.