Millions of Android users suffer from battery-stealing rogue apps – remove them now

Malicious Android apps with Clicker malware have been spotted by cybersecurity researchers because 16 apps with 20 million downloads were on the Google Play Store – and they can drain your phone’s battery life.

Discovered by McAfee Mobile Security (opens in a new tab), researchers found that malicious code had sneaked into a number of utility apps, which hackers often use to trick users into downloading. These include apps like QR readers, flashlights, unit converters, task managers, and more.

This led to around 20 million downloads, with the apps cloaking ad fraud features so attackers could make a profit without the user’s knowledge. This is done through a clicker trojan, which constantly establishes connections to websites and generates revenue through fake clicks on pay-per-click bases.

Clicker Trojan apps (via McAfee) (Image credit: McAfee)

As McAfee’s security team points out, “It’s mostly about visiting websites that are delivered by FCM message and browsing them successively in the background while mimicking user behavior.” Unfortunately, this will lead to high data usage and even drain your device’s battery under the user’s nose – all for the threat actor to make money.

For those who have noticed that their phone’s battery life is not as long as it used to be, it could be due to these apps.

Delete these apps