Most smartwatch/wearable owners prefer to wear their devices while sleeping

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  • We asked our readers if they slept wearing a smartwatch or other wearable accessory.
  • Out of more than 5,500 votes, more than 66% say they usually sleep with their wearables.
  • However, 21% of voters say they never sleep with a wearable.

It turns out sleeping with smartwatches and wearables is pretty common, as our latest survey results show. We asked our readers if they would sleep with smartwatches or wearables, and of more than 5,500 responses, 66% of voters said they usually slept with a wearable device. The second most popular response was the 21% who said they never sleep with a smartwatch on, while only 11% said they did “sometimes”.

Survey responses reveal who does or doesn't sleep with smartwatches or wearables.

(Image credit: Android Central)

One reader, Lee Haas Rogers, says he sleeps with his laptop, even at the expense of battery life: