Naya Create is the dream modular keyboard system

Naya Create in hand

Adam Birney / Android Authority


  • Naya Create is a new modular keyboard system.
  • In addition to the keyboard, you can add modular components like a trackball and video dials.
  • There is no release date or pricing information for the product yet.

There are so many keyboard styles. However, what if none of them work for you? What if you need something hyper-specific that works exactly the way you want it to to be as productive as possible?

At CES 2023, start-up Naya showed off an early version of the Naya Create, which is a modular keyboard system for the most geeky of keyboard geeks.

First, you can control the shape of your keys. Then you can adjust the height and dimensions of the keyboard halves to make them as ergonomic as possible for your hands. Finally, you can add modular accessories, such as a trackball or a video editing wheel.

When you put it all together, you can create a workstation specifically suited to your hands and your work style.

Unfortunately, Naya did not give any information on the cost of the Naya Create or its availability. In the meantime, you can sign up to be part of the first batch of orders on Naya’s website.

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