NetEase Games’ latest survival shooter is now available on Android and iOS globally

Today marks the start of the global launch of NetEase Games‘ free survival shooting game, lost light. It was created using NetEase’s Messiah game engine and is currently available on iOS, Android, and PC. It aims to provide people around the world with a new perspective on war. Lost Light has attracted over 4 million players since its premiere TCC in 2021and later he entered soft launch in some regions.

Lost Light is a new survival shooter with wide compatibility and cross-platform play

In the 2040s, an outbreak of pheromones has descended into anarchy the post-apocalyptic world where Lost Light is set to take place. Project Firefly was born out of the need for people to move to underground bunkers in order to maintain human civilization. Players take on the role of a Firefly Force member trying to survive in the dangerous exclusion zone.

In a crowded battle royale shooter market, Lost Light stands out. It aims to forge a new path for shooting survival games. The gameplay that emphasizes in-match survival and out-of-match advancement provides a more thrilling and realistic gaming experience.

lost light
Picture via NetEase

The game incorporates features such as advancement, survival, and warfare while adhering to the maxim “high risk, high reward”. The only goal of the game is to escape the exclusion zone using techniques.

On iOS and Android, Lost Light enables cross-platform play. With cross-platform support, players can collaborate with friends whenever and wherever they want. The mobile version currently supports devices with at least 2 GB RAM after many adjustments and improvements.

Explore the battlefield with your friends and use tactics to win in Lost Light

Find resources, food, and supplies all over the battlefield, then sell them for a profit in the exclusion zone. In this post-apocalyptic setting, players can build their own shelter and establish their own set of survival guidelines. Different strategies can lead to different results. The most important thing is to stay alive and get out of it safely.

The very flexible mechanism for modifying firearms offers countless options. It’s time to create a weapon that matches the playstyle of the players. Join up with up to four friends to lead the party out of the dangerous exclusion zone and collect heavy riches! Additionally, the custom lobby mode offers a variety of games.

The game is currently not available in the following countries or regions: Belgium, Vietnam, South Korea and People’s Republic of China (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and mainland China). Players can download the game for free on Android and iOS.

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