Nokia XR20 gets new Android 13 Build update

The Nokia XR20 has received a new version of Android 13 which should fix some of the recent issues. There was a big discussion on the Nokia community forum about the XR20 having issues with WiFi after the Android 13 update. I haven’t had this problem on my model, but apparently many have and hopefully this version update will fix it. Users also reported that the Android 13 update was stopped because of this, but if the problem is fixed, it should continue soon. Crossed fingers.

Anyway, the update carries the version number V3.280 and brings 377 MB of miscellaneous fixes. For some, the update may be much larger. I guess it depends on the market versions. There’s also a December patch if you haven’t received it yet. The installation went well so no problems there or after.

The Nokia X20 also received the January security patch. The update is 93.44 MB in size. Check your device and report if and where you received the update.

Thanks Laurent for the screenshot.

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