Poll: Do you send voice notes on your smartphone?

Resized telegram voice note

Hadlee Simons/Android Authority

Voice notes are supported by most major messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Google Messages. This allows for faster and more natural communication compared to simple typing.

Is it something you actually use, though? That’s what we want to find out in our poll today, so let us know if you send voice notes via the poll below.

Do you send voice notes on your smartphone?

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We can definitely see the appeal of sending voice notes. As we said above, it’s much faster than typing a long message. So you don’t have to spend minutes writing a multi-paragraph message when you can just say it instead.

Again, I find listening to voice notes received can be a tedious experience, especially if they are longer than a minute. I’d rather read a long message than listen to the equivalent voice note. I imagine other people might feel the same way so I stick to texting for the most part.