Quickly share contact information on Android

A short guide on how to quickly share contact information in Android (in 2022.) As with everything on the phone, by the time you read this, the methods described may have changed slightly. I will discuss a few ways to share your contact information from your phone with someone else.

It’s possible that the way I’m sharing is specific to a Samsung Galaxy S21, and if so, let me know as I’d like not to be misinformation.

Share contact information via vCard

Go to Phone app, choose contacts, you should have you option. On mine, I’m the first contact listed.

sharing contact information starts with finding contact information

Open as a contact, choose share, and you can share a vCard or text info via SMS, quick share, email, or just about most options in the Android Share menu.

Be aware that you might share more than you want if you send a vCard – make sure information such as address, phones, etc. only contain what you want to send.

Share contact information via QR code

Phone, contacts, open yourself (or anyone) as a contact and the QR code should be in the bottom left menu. Tap it and a QR code containing the vCard should be scannable on your screen. You can also go read here to create the QR code from plain text if you want.

hare contact information via QR code start with contact, open contact, qr code

You can print it, save it, all sorts of things…or just use it when you need it. I’ve only found one use for printing a QR code, and that’s for signs around the building that if you need someone, scan or call.

Share via NFC tag

QR seems to have won the fight, but NFC tags are still relevant. You can buy a few NFC tokens and have them as business cards. They’re about 35 cents a pop at the moment, I’ve mostly used them to trigger tap-based events (which they excel at) and I think QR is more the way to go, but you do.

You can print a page of about 15 QR codes for six hundred and you don’t have to hope the person has NFC enabled, so you must have a use case here…

Share via graphite

If you happen to be in possession of a yellow-coated graphite marking device, you can apply it to crushed plant material leaving marks for OCR or a human to interpret.

Works in a pinch, but relies on the receiver to maintain the integrity of the shredded plant material until it’s downloaded in a meaningful format.

Other ways to share

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