Review: Top 5 features of Android 13!

Google released the roadmap for the Android 13 update earlier this year. At the time, the operating system was already in its beta testing phase and was available for some devices until August 15, when a stable version of the operating system was released to the public.

The first devices to get the update were the Google Pixel devices, as they run pure Android without any customizations or overlays. Other Android OEMs had to take a while to prepare an update for their users, which involved working on their internal software to blend in with what the Android update brings to the table.

Best Features of Android 13

The OS update has started rolling out to other devices and not only improves the usability but also the look and feel of the entire OS. Here are our best features of this update:

  • Material You: This feature gives users full control over the appearance of their device. The whole devices theme can be adjusted according to user’s taste. Moreover, the theme changes to the primary color on the device wallpaper to harmonize the whole system look.
  • Best animations: With the latest Android OS, users get better animations on their devices. Actions such as opening or closing an app, switching between system UI options (like settings), and locking or unlocking the device now have nicer vibrations. One of my best animations is turning my device on or off, the whole display seems to gradually darken as the device turns off and gradually brightens as the device turns on.
  • Privacy: This alerts you to apps using certain permissions on your devices. For example, if you are on a call and you leave the dedicated interface, your device will inform you that your microphone is active. Again, if a certain app is using your camera, you’ll also get a prompt to let you know which exact app is using your camera. Google also promises to add a new security and privacy menu to quickly notify users of any compromises on their devices.
  • New QR Code sticker: The notification drop now has a new QR code tile for quick access to the scan feature. If you use this feature often, you don’t need to rely on any other third-party app. The new QR Code scanner thumbnail uses the Google Lens feature to scan codes and open links to websites.
  • Accessibility of shortcuts: There are many shortcuts with Android 13, and they may vary from brand to brand. With Google Pixel devices, users get the tap alongside a host of other features. But most impressive is the new location of the power and settings hotkeys in the notification panel. They are now at the bottom of the notification layout, improving its accessibility.

There are a number of other awesome features on Android 13 upgrade, these are just a few. Primarily, Android users with Pixel or Nokia devices will enjoy these features in the purest forms. Other brands will add a bit of customization to spice up the whole experience. The update is still rolling out to various devices. Once available on your device, click on the notification prompt to install the update.