Samsung under investigation in the United States for faulty refrigerators

Samsung is under investigation in the United States for faulty refrigerators. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recently launched the investigation after hundreds of complaints from users across the country. The Commission is investigating whether Samsung refrigerators have a manufacturing defect that poses a safety risk.

According to USA Today, Samsung customers have been complaining about various issues with their refrigerators in recent months. Reported issues include malfunctioning ice makers, over-freezing, water leaks, fire hazards and food spoilage. Many customers have reported that refrigerators operate above the normal temperature range in which food can be safely stored. This spoils the food, causing various stomach-related ailments.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has not yet issued a warning or recall notice to Samsung. But he confirmed an investigation was ongoing and he could not share further details at this time. Hopefully, if there’s a major problem, it’s not too late to let customers know.

Samsung, meanwhile, defended the quality of its products. “Millions of consumers across the United States enjoy and rely on their Samsung refrigerators every day. We stand behind the quality, innovation and performance of our devices, as well as our industry-recognized customer service,” the company said in a statement. “As our request for specific customer details has been denied here, we are unable to comment further on the specific experiences referenced.”

Three out of four complaints come from Samsung customers

According to the new report, the Consumer Product Safety Commission received 471 safety complaints related to refrigerators between January and July this year. This is already the highest annual figure on record, even though we only count seven months. The number of complaints received through July 2022 is five times higher than the annual total of just three years ago.

This massive increase in refrigerator-related safety complaints may be due to certain manufacturing flaws in Samsung products. More than three out of four complaints (more than 75%) filed since 2020 come from Samsung customers. It’s not very pleasant and looks like a pretty serious problem. In fact, a Facebook group alludes to the extent of this problem. The group has over 1,000,000 members who mainly complain about faulty Samsung refrigerators.

Many of them have reportedly filed lawsuits in local courts against Samsung and have also joined forces in several class action lawsuits. We’ll have to wait and see if the Korean firm has messed up anything big. We will update you as we have more information on this investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.