Samsung’s wonderful Good Lock software is now available in many more countries

Everyone, everywhere personalizing their Galaxy phone

Samsung’s suite of Good Lock apps is one of our favorite parts about using the company’s Android devices, and with the recent release of One UI 5 based on Android 13, we’re even getting some new Good modules. Lock to add to the list of existing utilities. Good Lock uncorks a proverbial bottle of bubbly champagne for customization enthusiasts, allowing personalized gestures and customization of system elements like volume control. However, these wonderful mods have been banned in several countries, and that is finally starting to change.


Although Samsung itself has yet to release an official list of markets in which Good Lock is now available, SamMobile reports that user confirmation has arrived from the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Finland and Malaysia. However, there is no way to be sure that these are the only countries where the app is now available.

If you are a Samsung user in a market where Good Lock is not available, we suggest you check the Galaxy Store again, just in case things have changed for you recently. Samsung’s wider and quieter rollout of these modules suggests we may soon see Good Lock conveniences in other parts of the world.

If you’re new to Good Lock, be sure to scroll through all the modules, because chances are you’ll find several of them useful, especially if you’re a customization enthusiast. One of these modules even lets you export your system settings to share with another Samsung user, or simply migrate to a new Samsung phone. You can also check out RegiStar to customize the Settings menu and DropShip if you come from the Apple ecosystem and miss AirDrop badly. Whatever you need to do, chances are Good Lock has a module ready to help you.