Scarlet Witch Just Met Vision’s Android Girl

In the first issue of Marvel’s new Scarlet Witch series, Wanda Maximoff meets the android daughter of the Vision – and the robot needs help.

The following article contains spoilers for scarlet witch #1, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The Scarlet Witch’s shop for lost souls has found none other than Vision’s synthezoid daughter, Viv. Dealing with the dreams that keep trying to kill her, Viv reaches out to Wanda in the hope that she can intervene.

In scarlet witch #1 (by Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli, Elisabetta D’Amico and Matthew Wilson), Wanda has opened a boutique and is looking for new customers. Seeking redemption and opportunities to use her powers for good, she sets up a door in the back of her shop that appears in front of anyone lost. At the very end of the issue, Wanda is introduced with her second client: Viv Vision. And the android’s shocking reappearance promises to have a personal and significant impact on Wanda’s world.

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vision viv and scarlet witch in vision series

After the vision quest event, Wanda encouraged Vision to find a new romantic interest, as she was now with Wonder Man. That’s exactly what Vision did, making his wife Virginia based on a copy of Wanda’s brainwaves she gave him. He then combined his and Virginia’s brain patterns to create Viv and her twin brother Vin. The trio formed a fascinating and unusual sythezoid family dynamic. Neurologically, Viv is technically no different from Wanda’s children, Billy and Tommy, except that her brain is a real computer. So when Viv shows up at the store, Wanda tells Darcy that Viv is her daughter, because she is in a roundabout way. Technically, Viv is not sleeping as she is powered by a jewel in her head that converts solar radiation into energy. Nevertheless, she is haunted by terrible nightmares.

Viv was first introduced in Vision #1 (by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta) alongside Virginia and Vin. Although the series initially featured a twist on the “weird new family moves to town” trope, things quickly took a turn for the worse for the Visions. Victor Mancha, Vision’s cyborg-human hybrid brother, accidentally kills Vin when the boy discovers that Victor is secretly working with the Avengers. And unfortunately, the loss does not end there. When Viv’s mother is blackmailed by one of her neighbors, she confronts them and in an argument, Viv’s friend and classmate Chris is killed. Viv resents her mother for being responsible and lying to her about it, something she clings to even after her mother’s death later in the series.

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The Scarlet Witch can help Viv Vision heal from her pain

viv vision in the scarlet witch comic

After the loss of most of her family, Viv and Vision remain in Cherrydale. Soon after, Viv joined the Champions, a young team of superheroes formed by Ms. Marvel. However, throughout her time as a superhero, Viv has been emotionally unavailable. Having disengaged her emotional core, she deliberately prevented herself from dealing with the strong emotions caused by her trauma. And Wanda, more than anyone, would be able to help the synthezoid deal with those feelings and really let them go. With her emotions having already taken control of her powers in her past, Wanda knows what it’s like to deal with the grief and intense grief that Viv is going through.

And while she may not have had the chance to meet Virginia or Vin, Wanda knows Vision better than anyone and may be able to help her daughter deal with those difficult emotions she’s been suppressing. Wanda’s new shop is a place for people who have nowhere to go, and Viv is one of them. Their similar pasts allow the Scarlet Witch to connect with the synthezoid. Viv will hopefully see an end to those horrible dreams with Wanda’s help.