Some Android Auto users have yet to receive the Coolwalk UI update

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Developed by Google, Android Auto reproduces the functionality of an Android smartphone on an infotainment system installed on the dashboard of a car.

It helps get help navigating en route to a location, receiving and viewing important calls and messages, and more.

It also allows you to enjoy your favorite songs on the go and to search for information on the Web.


However, Android Auto is also prone to various bugs and issues. For example, we recently covered an issue where Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro owners were experiencing connectivity issues with Android Auto.

Some Android Auto users have yet to receive the Coolwalk UI update

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), several users are having issues updating to the latest Coolwalk UI on their Android Auto app.

Announced in May 2022, Coolwalk is the new user interface developed for Android Auto, transforming the Android Auto experience and making it easier to interact with apps.

This added support for “split screen” mode, allowing multiple apps to be displayed side-by-side on the same screen.

Even though reports regarding its worldwide release and availability have surfaced on the web, some are yet to get their hands on the new and improved user interface. Moreover, such reports have caused confusion among Android Auto users.


I have been enthusiastic about the Coolwalk since it first leaked. I really like that CarPlay can see music and maps at the same time, so I want to go back. I tried on 3 phones and 2 cars and 2 google accounts and still no Coolwalk.

I updated android auto on my s22 ultra through the apk. The version shows as 8.6.625003 but nothing has changed, it looks the same when I use it in my truck. 2021 Tacoma wireless android auto with aawireless. Does anyone have any idea on how to make it work?

Some even complain that they had access to the updated UI for a day or two, after which it automatically reverted to its previous iteration.

Even though some have tried clearing app cache or data, updating their car’s infotainment unit firmware, and restarting their phone, nothing seems to work.

Users are frustrated with the extremely slow rollout of the update and have demanded the developers to provide them with an ETA for the same.

No official answer, but there is a workaround

Unfortunately, Google has not yet officially responded to this. Luckily, we’ve found a potential workaround that may help resolve the issue for some.

It is recommended to reset Google Play Services in order to get a new user ID and be allowed to upgrade to the new Coolwalk UI.


But it should be noted that resetting Google Play Services may also erase your credit card information in the Google Wallet app.

Alternatively, affected users can also try downgrading to an earlier version of the app to get rid of the issue as suggested here.

That said, we’ll keep an eye out for the issue where some Android Auto users haven’t received Coolwalk’s UI update and let you know when something noteworthy happens.

Update 1 (January 17, 2023)

2:00 p.m. (IST): At the time of writing this update, a poll by 9to5Google suggests that a majority of users (89.79%) who voted have not yet received the new Coolwalk UI update.

9to5google-coolwalk-ui survey
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