Spark arrives for Windows users, brings new messaging features to Premium users

All about intention, not intuition

In the short time since its Android debut in 2019, messaging app Spark has amassed a loyal fanbase. We consider it one of the best messaging apps for Android because it’s backed by regular feature updates and strong developer support. With its latest batch of updates, Spark introduces a new look, new tools, and a must-have Windows app.

The developers behind Spark say the app’s new philosophy centers productivity on intention rather than intuition to help users better prioritize and stay focused, even if it means interrupting people’s walks on a familiar garden path.


That means planting new features like Smart Inbox, where unread emails from individuals are prioritized over newsletters and notifications, even in a unified inbox view. Emails can be grouped by sender to give them a readable “instant message” thread view that can be read and then muted at will.

Spark can also convert emails into tasks if you’re the “to-do” type, letting you check off messages when you’re done with the built-in task or set them aside if you need to do them later.

Recipients can also be highlighted for priority emails where their unread replies are persistently listed at the top of the inbox. They will also appear in desktop notifications if the home screen for desktop is enabled. Desktop users can access their custom shortcuts for dealing with messages with a new Ctrl+K or Cmd+K shortcut.

And on top of all that, Spark is also setting up its own cloud infrastructure to allow senders to upload attachments larger than 25MB and have them appear as a hyperlink.

Spark has come a long way from its Mac origins as it currently boasts 1.4 billion users who access their email from the web, on iOS, Android and even Huawei devices through its proprietary AppGallery. The Windows client closes the loop by covering the most used platforms.

This long list of improvements comes at a price, however. Most of the new features – including Priority Email, Group by Sender, Mute Threads, broad attachment support and Home Screen for Desktop – will fall under Spark Premium, which will cost new subscribers $8 per month or $60 for a subscription plan. ‘a year. Existing individual users get a 30% discount on annual subscriptions for Premium, bringing the fee down to $42, which equals $3.50 per month. They can also continue to use the features they had before for free.

Spark also offers business collaboration tools where you will learn more about the business.