The 5 Best QR Scanner Apps for Android

QRky is a versatile app that offers more than the typical QR code scanning and generating features. Its scanner comes with handy tools like a flashlight, use of the front camera, and the ability to scan from your gallery. Moreover, it has a batch scanning option for faster processing of multiple QR codes.

In terms of QR code generation, QRky lets you create standard QR codes for website, text, email, contact, phone number, and location, among others. Besides that, there is an option to create special social media codes for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify which include the respective platform’s logo on the image. This can help you distinguish particular codes from others you might generate.

Another outstanding feature of this app is its history list. Unlike other QR scanners which only save data from previously scanned codes, QRky keeps a record of the scanned code itself. Saved codes are downloadable to your phone and can be shared with others.