The Nvidia Shield is only $125 this Black Friday

While buying a new OLED or other smart TV might seem like a good move, why not consider a cheaper alternative and invest in the Nvidia Shield? PC Gamer hardware man Dave James gave the Nvidia Shield (opens in a new tab) big old Dave endorsed (👍-Ed) earlier in the year, so I’d recommend it again since it’s on sale for $124.99 this black friday (opens in a new tab).

The Nvidia Shield is a powerful little piece of kit, which doubles as a streaming device and PC-to-TV gaming machine – it’s also the best way to enjoy GeForce Now in 4K HDR. If you want to use it just for streaming, it’s top notch for high-fidelity, high-resolution streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime, the Plex server, or anywhere else. You can even use it with a projector if you like looking at things on your walls. Imagine playing Darktide through the Nvidia Shield and it projects great vision, it’s the best here.