The Zenfone 9 received the Android 13 beta

After the release of Android 13 for Google Pixel devices some time ago, several other smartphone brands and manufacturers have each announced their own timelines for Android 13 beta accessibility for their own devices. As such, ASUS is one of the latest to join the party, which has revealed a registration program for a select number of Zenfone 9 owners.

The Zentalk website says it won’t sell or promote the Zenfone 9 without first consulting ASUS for performance issues or bugs. ASUS therefore discouraged users from talking publicly about the beta software.

Accepted users will receive an email confirming their participation in the beta program. ASUS warned that the beta will most likely have bugs and performance issues, and advised users to refrain from joining the beta program unless they “expect a trouble-free experience”.

Zenfone 9 users can enroll in the Android 13 beta by going to their Settings app and clicking System > System update > Enroll in beta program.