TwinSpires Android App: Users get historic racing features on their native phone app

Much like an NFL game movie, race replays reveal clues that you can use to your advantage next time around.

Whether you’ve already watched a race live or need to catch up on the action, rewinding is an important part of learning and growing as a handicapper.

Has your horse had difficulty running? Did the winner get a comfortable trip that probably won’t happen again? Did a contestant perform a mid-stroke motion before flattening? Or rally from a bad position in a sneaky effort?

Race charts capture some, but not all, of the countless details that can affect the outcome. Only by watching replays and focusing on the individual horses that interest you can you find nuggets of actionable intelligence – and gain an edge.

For those of you who use race replays in their handicap, or for those who just want to watch rehearsals of Zenyatta’s deep closing moves on loop, here’s what our TwinSpires Android app has for you…

Race results are heavily used by our players to get additional information on how the outcome of a race went or to get additional information about betting interests. The ability to observe a finishing order, race payouts and race replays are all integral data that helps provide context for casual bettors and serious handicappers alike.

By implementing race results in our native Android app, we will bring our native app closer to feature parity by giving players a way to search for historical race results in the app and watch race replays for a track. or a corresponding race.

Additionally, Race Results leverages our overhaul of Stable Alerts, which allows players to add racers to their stable. Race Results is a place to add runners of interest to your alerts!

The new feature can be found in the hamburger menu of the TwinSpires Android mobile app.

  • Players will now be able to:
    • Search historic race results and replays by date, track and race
    • Find a historical results page that will default to today’s date; a calendar icon will be present which will allow the player to navigate to view the previous day’s results dating back to January 1994
    • Locate a track/race to view results; the user will be presented with a view of the race results as well as access to the race replay
    • Access yesterday’s results for bets via the account history bet details view
    • Each bet slip will now have a “results” button in the detailed bet details view which, when clicked, will direct the user to the corresponding race results page