Verizon Welcome Unlimited discounts with price lock for three years

Verizon announced a new promotional campaign in an effort to attract more customers. It offers a 16% discount on its Welcome Unlimited plan and promises a “price guarantee” for three years. The carrier’s cheapest unlimited plan now starts at just $25 per line per month for four lines, down $5 from the previous monthly rate of $30 per line. Verizon says it’s its “best” unlimited price ever.

Customers who sign up during this campaign will continue to pay the same price for at least three years. Verizon will not increase plan prices, although taxes and fees may change. However, if any of the four lines you added are upgraded, canceled or moved to an eligible plan, the price guarantee will no longer be valid. This limited-time discount also requires you to bring your own phone and sign up for paperless billing with Auto Pay. If you disagree with this, the plan will cost an additional $10 – $35 per line per month. It’s still a $5 discount.

This $5 discount is also available if you buy less than four lines or add up to five lines. Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited currently costs $60 per month for a single line ($70 without paperless billing with Auto Pay). Similarly, the rate for two lines is $50/$60 per month per line, while that for three lines is $35/$45 per month per line. If you get five lines, you will pay $50/$30 per month for each line. However, the price guarantee is apparently only available if you add four lines with your own 4G/5G smartphone. Over three years, this represents a total savings of $720. Verizon will apply a promotional credit of $180 per phone during this period.

Verizon matches T-Mobile with its latest Welcome Unlimited discount

This discount for Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited plan makes it comparable to T-Mobile’s Essentials plan. The latter also costs $100 per month for four lines ($25 per line) and gives you unlimited calls, texts and 5G data. Plus, the Price Match Promise is something that T-Mobile has been heavily promoting. Verizon also matched that, but only for three years and with a limited-time discount.

Verizon also recently launched a similar campaign promising a ten-year price lock on its home internet products. Perhaps the campaign was a success and the company is now aiming to repeat it with phone plans. The latest campaign is already live and will only run for a limited time. If you’re interested, you can sign up on Verizon’s website here.