Vision Quest Could Introduce Android Kids to the MCU

The MCU’s upcoming Vision Quest series on Disney+ presents the perfect opportunity to showcase the Android Avenger’s robotic children.

Not much is known about the MCU’s plan for its next Disney+ project vision quest series, which would follow White Vision’s journey trying to recall the memories of the original Vision. However, audiences may see Vision’s child androids, Viv and Vin Vision, introduced in the MCU.

Vision is a synthezoid made from vibranium, and he’s a popular member of the Avengers and part of one of Marvel’s most iconic romantic pairings with the Scarlet Witch. However, the original vision quest The storyline of the comics deviates significantly from the MCU Vision story. For example, Vision was torn apart and rebuilt by Tony Stark. Also, this new Vision was not in a relationship with the Scarlet Witch, as she had started dating Wonder Man, and so the android embarked on building her own life.

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Who are Viv and Vin Vision?

The Visions

Vision takes The Scarlet Witch’s advice and sets out to find someone like her to be with and in turn, he builds himself a family in the lab where he was created. He makes his wife, Virginia, who is brainwave-based from The Scarlet Witch, and two teenage twins, Viv and Vin Vision. The four synthezoids move to Virginia, DC, where Vision believes the family will prosper and grow. Viv and Vin, both synthezoids, do not understand the conveniences of human society. The twins, alongside their parents, immediately stand out among neighbors and classmates. Even Virginia wonders why Vision would want them to act and behave the same as the surrounding humans.

Both twins have the power to manipulate fate, allowing them to manipulate their abilities in different ways. For example, they have incredible super strength and are able to fly much like their father. Their powers and unusual nature as synthezoids don’t make life any easier for the Visions. Throughout Vision’s solo series, the family faced many challenges in their dynamic. Their house is attacked by a relative of the Vision Initiator and Viv is badly damaged. It takes a few days for her repairs to be made, and meanwhile apart from her sister, Vin attacks another student.

The emotional climax of the series occurs during the visit of another Ultron-built android, Victor Mancha, who is technically Vision’s brother. Vin overhears Victor giving a report to the Avengers, and in an attempt to hold him hostage to say nothing, Victor accidentally irreversibly damages Vin’s nervous systems. The teenage synthezoid dies, claiming his father in a moving scene.

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The Vision Family’s Place in the MCU

Vision and his children, Viv, Vin and his wife Virginia in Marvel's comic The Vision (2016).

Marvel has been building the next generation of young heroes both in their comics and in the MCU. Viv Vision would fit into this paradigm. After all, she became a notable member of the Champions superhero team, alongside Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales. Viv’s comic book journey with emotional repression (largely due to the deaths of her brother and mother) and her queer identity make her a compelling character ripe for the MCU adaptation treatment.

It would make sense for the MCU to include Vin and Viv in vision quest as their family life directly follows the recovery of his memories by White Vision. The family dynamics and tone of the source material would make it an ideal Wanda Vision spin off. Such a hypothetical project would introduce Viv to a rapidly growing stable of young heroes in the MCU. Vin and Viv helped reinvent Vision’s characterization and continued his journey as the Avenger outside of his relationship with the Scarlet Witch. Both would be great additions to the MCU as a Disney+ project.[scharacterizationandfurtheredhisjourneyasanAvengeroutsideofhisrelationshipwiththeScarletWitchThetwowouldbegreatadditionstotheMCUasaDisney+project[scharacterizationandfurtheredhisjourneyasanAvengeroutsideofhisrelationshipwiththeScarletWitchThetwowouldbegreatadditionstotheMCUasaDisney+project