What to expect from Android 14? Leaked Features, Expected Improvements, Supposed Release Date, and More

Users are eagerly awaiting the release of Android 14 as it is one of the most anticipated upcoming releases of Google’s popular operating system. With the release of version 13 Tiramisu, many users are worried about the next variant of the popular mobile operating system.

If you’re an Android fan and excited for the next iteration of its operating system, here’s what to expect from the upcoming update, including leaked features, desired improvements, and release date. supposed.

You’ll also learn about some of the latest speculation about the next release and an overview of the history and development of Google’s mobile operating system.

Android 14 should be called “UpsideDown Cake” and features speculated

Google’s operating system always brings something new and exciting in its updates. Since its initial release in 2008, each version has been uniquely named in alphabetical order, starting with version 1.5 Cupcake.

Each release was named after a dessert until it changed with the release of Android 10. The next one is expected to be called UpsideDown Cake, with lots of cool updates and changes. Let’s look at the amazing features expected with the latest Android 14.

Android 14 satellite connectivity

Wild to think about user experiences for phones that can connect to satellites. When we launched G1 in 2008, it was hard to get 3G+Wifi to work. Now we design for satellites. Costs! We’re excited to help our partners enable all of this in the next version of Android!

Android 14 is rumored to come with a brand new satellite connectivity feature that will allow users to send emergency signals using satellites regardless of SIM card signals.

Google has made this big announcement official, and according to its senior vice president, the next update will officially come with satellite connectivity functionality. The good news is that this will be available on all phones eligible to run Android 14.

Lock screen widgets

The old lock screen widget functionality should return (Image via Amanz/Unsplash)
The old lock screen widget functionality should return (Image via Amanz/Unsplash)

Lock screen widgets were last seen in 4.4 KitKat. It’s more of a decorative feature, but with Samsung currently having it and Apple reintroducing it in iOS 16, it seems to still be popular with users. Therefore, they might see it again in Android 14.

dynamic island

Does the popular operating system offer its own dynamic island?  (Image via DynamicSpot app)
Does the popular operating system offer its own dynamic island? (Image via DynamicSpot app)

We have often seen Google take an interest in Apple’s iPhone developments. As we witnessed great popularity for Apple’s Dynamic Island, we can expect something similar in subsequent releases of the popular operating system.

Many popular apps on the Google Play Store provide a similar experience to Apple’s Dynamic Island and are loved by users. Google might bring a similar feature or maybe a better version of it.

While these details are yet to be confirmed, we can expect similar functionality in upcoming OS updates from Google. We have noticed a trend with the tech giant releasing its updates, and similarly, we can expect the latest update to roll out in the fall of 2023.

Users can also find updates in UI, gestures, privacy and many more. It is important to consider that features and release dates are subject to change and should be taken with a grain of salt until they are officially released or announced.

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