WhatsApp Android will bring new privacy features for “View Once” images and videos

Android 13 still relies on the top of the news section. However, Google has started lifting its hammer for a game-changing new system. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming Android 14 which has some new adjustments regarding AV1 video encoding.

According to the latest information, the American manufacturer has made the support of AV1 video encoding format mandatory for Android 14 devices. Therefore, if manufacturers want to grab the latest version of Android on their smart gadgets, they must add AV1 codec support in their internal system.

What is the AV1 codec?

After the satellite connectivity feature, Android 14 now covers the AV1 codec topic. Generally, it is an open and license-free video encoding format. It is mainly used for video transmission and compression purposes.

Moreover, AV1 is a modern and improved compression system which is quite efficient at work. It consumes less data and power without affecting or reducing video quality. In the latest release, this code is available in the Android Open Source Gerrit project. It reads:

“According to Android CDD (Compatibility Definition Document) 14, section 2.2.2 and section 2.6, handheld and tablet device implementations must support AV1 decoding.”

Therefore, it clearly shows that the devices which are looking forward to Android 14 interface need some changes in their system. Only then can they enjoy the enjoyable and thoughtful benefits of the upcoming software.

Android 14 AV1 Video Coding

64 bit change!

Another big change that Android 14 will bring to its Surface is for 64-bit apps. According to reports, these smart gadgets which are based on Armv9 processor architecture can only support 64-bit applications. This major change concerns all the latest processors that equip the Armv9 framework. For example, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

It makes sense to finally mark an end to 32-bit-only applications. So far, Apple made this decision in 2017, and following the lead, Google is next.

Apart from these major nips, the predictive return gesture has also come into the limelight and is rumored to be making its way into Android 14. ‘catch again with the next version.

However, we still need time to put everything in order. Let’s see what else Google plans to bring to the Android 14 platform.

Android 14 AV1 Video Coding

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