WhatsApp makes changes to the Privacy section on Android

WhatsApp now becomes the most compatible and widely used social media platform among users. All thanks to the efforts of companies to do something for their users. Similarly, WhatsApp Android is releasing a new update which adds support for multiple camera modes in the app.

Yes! WhatsApp is working to add different camera modes for Android users soon to let them experience different modes. It is also new for users to explore, it gives them new changes with better options.

WhatsApp is developing two new buttons that will allow users to convert camera mode from photo to video and vice versa. In short, you have two separate keys for video and photo for WhatsApp status.

In the current version of WhatsApp, you need to press and hold to record a video. However, with the help of this feature, you won’t have to press and hold, just switch to video mode, and you’re done.

This feature is really useful and easy to use and also convenient for the users. But in the meantime, this feature is currently under development and will be available for Android users with future updates.

whatsapp camera mode

Along with this, WhatsApp is also making some fixes for bugs and issues that were preventing chats from scrolling properly. Also, it degraded the user experience when chatting or using the app.

According to reports from some users, WhatsApp scrolling chats show very old messages in the current version. Meanwhile, the update brings a bunch of new fixes and features for you with Android build version.

So, are you ready to explore the new changes in your WhatsApp, which are you doing? Currently the update is in beta phase, soon the company will release its stable version. Just keep checking for the new version of WhatsApp through the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp new camera modes