WhatsApp’s latest beta updates for Android bring improved photo quality feature / Digital Information World

WhatsApp has launched a new beta version for Android,, which brings new features and improvements to the popular messaging app.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in this latest update. But before moving on, here are some recent updates that the messaging giants have added to its platform. One of the most notable new features in the recent release is the ability to pin multiple chats at once. This means users can now keep their most important conversations at the top of the chat list, making them easily accessible. To pin multiple chats, users simply need to select the chats they want to pin and then tap the pin icon. Another recent feature is the ability to mute videos before sending them. This is a useful feature for those who want to share videos with friends and family, but don’t want the audio to play automatically. To mute a video, users just need to tap the microphone icon before sending the video.

Moving on now to the WhatsApp beta for Android new feature, in this build, WBI spotted the ability to improve the quality of photos before sending them. The update now includes an option to adjust the size of photos before sending, which will allow users to send high-quality photos even over slow internet connections. This feature is especially useful for users who often send a large number of photos and want to save on data usage.

This feature is called “photo quality”, it allows users to choose between different levels of quality when sending photos.

The new photo quality feature also brings a new option to choose the best photo quality for a user’s device. This means that the app will automatically adjust the photo quality to the best possible level for the device, so users don’t have to worry about adjusting the settings themselves. This feature aims to make it easier for users to send and receive high-quality photos.

It should be noted that the features mentioned above may change or may not be released in the public version.

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