Widely Used Android Apps Contain Clicker Malware

Sixteen Android apps downloaded more than 20 million times have been found to be infected with the new Clicker malware, which facilitates mobile ad fraud, reports The Hacker News. Clicker Malware impersonates camera, QR code converter, note taking, currency/unit converter and dictionary apps, “High-Speed ​​Camera” and “Smart Task Manager” being most prevalent malicious apps, according to a McAfee report. Installing and executing the rogue applications causes fake website jumps and simulated ad clicks by the malware without the victims’ knowledge. Additionally, Clicker malware does not begin malicious activity within the first hour of downloading the application and includes a random delay in an effort to remain stealthy. “Clicker malware targets illicit ad revenue and can disrupt the mobile advertising ecosystem. Malicious behavior is cleverly hidden from detection,” said SangRyol Ryu, researcher at McAfee. Google has already removed all reported malicious apps from its Play Store.