You’ve seen the Nothing Ear Stick, but you should see the headphones themselves

Nothing may have a decent technical foundation, but for Carl Pei’s new brand, the message has to be all about flair. The Nothing Ear Stick has been nothing but flair since we first heard about it over a week ago between fashion shows and Instagram show videos. But despite all the looks, some people still wonder if it would be important to buy an Ear Stick rather than a Nothing Ear (1). In fact, what’s stopping you from getting literally any other pair of wireless headphones? Well, surely new renders will help Nothing make the case for Ear Stick headphones?


Much like a lipstick, the Ear Stick’s main mechanism requires users to twist the tube to access the housing indentations for the headphones contained within – don’t expect these buds to enhance the color of your lips kisses. However, not much has been revealed about the technical specifications of these buds. FCC docs say each bud will run on a 36mAh battery and support Bluetooth 5.2 (much like the ear does (1)) while the tubular case has a 350mAh battery.

More importantly, we haven’t seen the design of the headphones up close.

It’s so far that Kuba Wojciechowski has posted what he claims are official renders of the device – from the case to each individual bud – on Twitter. For reference, we’ve pasted some photos of the Nothing (1) ear below.

You’ll notice that the dotted grids at the top and bottom of each stem have been replaced with larger holes – one at the top, two at the base. Everything else, from the coloring (down to the white/red indicators for the left and right headphones) to the form factor remains the same. It may be worth asking if customers can get the case alone and use the headphones (1) with it. You can pixelate the photos if you want.

We are still awaiting an official launch date for the Ear Stick.